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LiP – a new quality of helping the poor

What is LiP? It’s simply Love in Practice. This is a revolutionary method of helping the poor, homeless or those involved in addictions. 

What is so unique about this idea? The traditional method assumes that only those who are willing to do something with their lives deserve help. It is expected that somebody who comes will meet certain conditions and show a particular behavior as well. 

We want everyone who comes to our Mission to receive love without any precondition, and this love has to be expressed in a factual action. Firstly, we want to satisfy basic needs and create an authentic atmosphere of acceptance. In this way we want to reach the deepest man’s motivations, so that his transformation would not be only superficial, based on the “give and take” rule. The permanently changed motivations transform one’s beliefs’ system and the way of thinking, and thus a new better life.


2003 November 13th

Our goal

Revealing the love of Christ by living today in the Kingdom of God, which power and grace is able to cause the transformation of other people.

Our vision

Centers of God’s Love along with Assemblies manifesting the love of Christ in practice. Realization Canteens, day-rooms, orphanages, dosshouses for the poor, shelters, homes for mothers with children, daytime centers, hostels, emergency centers, detoxification centers for alcoholics, centers of assistance, hospices, old age homes, farms in a countryside, bread houses, banks of food, consulting points, hospitals, Christian kindergartens and schools, prisons with a Christian program of social rehabilitation, occupational activation centers, Christian psychological and crisis counseling services, consulting-therapeutic points, worship center, motivation trainings, coaching, social integration centers, etc. …

Our aims:

Faithful in little things
Care in detail Sanctified life
Patience in hardships
Sincere kindness Enthusiasm for learning
Simplicity of the heart

Our motto:

God is not a God of your right but a God of relationship.

Who we are?


Have you ever passed by a poor woman in a shop who had the cheapest bread and the discount butter in her basket? Have you ever seen a poor mother holding a crying child? How many times have you seen a scantily dressed girl standing by the roadside? And how many times on your way home have you met a homeless man, dressed in dirty clothes and begging for a few pennies...?

Your compassion doesn’t matter unless it is expressed in a practical way.

This is why we’ve been creating ‘Centers of God’s Love’, where we give a helping hand to the needy and lost people. By giving them bread, comforting and supporting them we show that God loves them. The measurable result of our work is a canteen visited by few hundred of hungry people every day. Many of them have been delivered from alcoholism and abject poverty. Now, as the volunteers, they help others. 

If you would like to help or you need support for yourself – contact us.

Feel invited to join us!

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